How to Determine Your Roof Condition?

Acid rain, green algae, and black streaks. These are some of the terms that we usually hear from our customers every day. Because of this, we want to help you to know about your roof’s health and its overall appearance. In this article, we will be discussing the typical misconceptions regarding what you see on your roofs and the disadvantages that a lot of property owners might encounter as they clean their shingles.? 

Why does your roof change its appearance?? 

Weather changes rapidly and our roof serves as the shield that gets all of those damaging elements and changes. Aside from that, your roof shingles usually create black streaks that a lot of homeowners think that it is due to acid rain, tar running out of the shingles, granular loss or actual deteriorating of shingles. This is one of those indicators that frightens a lot of homeowners into looking for expensive and demanding solutions for roof replacement. But, most of the time, your shingles are not actually deteriorating, they just require to be cleaned properly.? 

It’s probably mold and not old? 

Most of the customers we encounter to talk about their problems with their roof. We always want to guarantee them that even if your roof looks deteriorated and worn out, it does not immediately mean that it should be replaced. Usually, the worn and dirty look of your roof is due to?Gloecapsa?Magma Algae?(lichen, moss). This is actually a form of the old cyanobacteria organism, which is 3 million years old) that changes into dark black color to secure itself from the sun. This is most likely what most of the roofing has that we handle every day.? 

What about your roof?? 

The algae, which are developing and?building?upon your roofing, are extremely manageable and you usually don’t have to worry about this. You can help preserve and prolong the life of your shingles and enhance parts of your property, which might have appeared to be unrelated, by cleaning your shingles thoroughly using the method of soft-washing. What’s great is that you do not need to re-shingle or install?new roofing?once you call an expert roofer who is licensed, bonded, and insured to help you out in cleaning your shingles and roof.? 

If you are interested in reaching out to professional Alpharetta roofing contractors who can assist you with this concern of yours, you can immediately reach the Roofers PP. They will schedule you for a consultation with the roofing experts that will accommodate you and check your roofing in-person to assess its condition. After that, our certified roofers will be determining the greatest solution when it comes to cleaning your roof. Aside from that, never hesitate to ask for some tips or questions about roofing since our contractors will be very willing to help you out by giving some tips to help you get ready for the following season, for instance. What are you waiting for? Contact us now.?