Reasons Why Your Carpet Makes Your Family Sick

Whenever you vacuum the carpet in your house, it looks flawless and clean after, right? Well, you are wrong. Carpets can still accumulate all kinds of unnecessary things, even when it appears to be clean. For those who don’t know, the accumulation of these things can make you and your family sick. One way to fight the reality of living with carpet is to get routine expert carpet cleaning. This will help you completely enjoy your floor covering.  

What Things Are Accumulated in Your Carpet?  

Having a carpet is an excellent thing. Aside from making your house feel cozy and warm, carpet can trap allergens. This is extremely useful for individuals with respiratory allergies and issues. But there are a lot of other types of undesirable elements that accumulate in the carpet of your house. Of course, almost every single one of these elements can’t be seen with our naked eye. Here are some of them:  

• Food Particles  

• Mold  

• Insect Husks and Feces  

• Dust  

• Pollen  

• Skin Cells  

• Pet Dander  

• Bacteria  

• Dirt  

Instead of being a helpful feature in your house, letting these things sit on the carpet and never getting rid of them means that your carpet is more of a threat. Eventually, your carpet will release these elements into the air and to your lungs. Aside from causing breathing problems, carpet that’s accumulating a lot of gross things can cause skin issues. This is particularly true if your kids love to roll around the floor. It will also develop mold.  

How to Get Rid of This Danger from Your Carpet  

The elements that are stuck in the carpet of your house have to be eliminated forcefully out of the fibers of the carpet. Keep in mind that vacuuming regularly is not enough. An expert carpet cleaning solution can reach the end of the carpet. This will get rid of the risk of exposure to bacteria that can be skulking there. This includes salmonella and E. coli.  

By following a couple of ideal practices, you can prevent issues caused by dirty carpet:  

• Get your carpet examined for mold if there’s an unpleasant or musty smell in your house that won’t go away.  

• Get rid of spots and stains right away.  

• Utilize a HEPA vacuum a couple of times every week to lower the accumulation of dust.  

• Do not install carpet in the bedrooms of individuals with respiratory issues.  

You need to keep in mind that bacteria can survive in your carpet for up to 1 month. A couple of aspects and more will influence the cleanliness of your carpets. This includes if your kids regularly wear their shoes on the carpet, if your dog gets fleas, or if someone is sick. You need to have your carpet professionally cleaned every year. If you’ve got individuals with allergies or breathing issues, you might have to clean your carpet more than once a year. You can always ask a professional carpet cleaning near me for any recommendations about the frequency of the cleaning.